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Sh. Gaurav Yadav, IPS
Director General of Police Punjab


Punjab Police remains committed to provide a transparent, responsive, just and people friendly policing to state, We have a long tradition of valor, sacrifice and courage which has helped us to tide through the toughest of times and serve the people. Punjab Police has always put service before self in true spirit of its motto – ” Shubh Karman te Kabahun Na Tarun ” meaning never dread to tread the righteous path. The challenges of modern policing in the new age need a professional response, for which we have geared-up. These include misuse of internet, narco-terrorism, growing intolerance and other new age issues. The citizen remains the main focus of our policing and service delivery.Police-public interface will be made more effective by making the police accessible to the citizens and responsive to their grievances. I assure that every member of my force will give his/her best to provide an atmosphere of safety and security in the state. Jai Hind.

The Jalandhar Police Commissionerate has completed more than fourteen years. The main focus of commissionerate police has been on the prevention and detection of crime; maintenance of law & order; better road safety for users through enforcement, regulation and education; and providing citizen-friendly services. At the same time many initiatives have been taken to ensure immediate and effective response of police to the emerging challenges on various fronts like rapid urbanization, emerging caste/class/communal tension, drug abuse etc. on one part and high expectations of citizens from the police service in the newly introduced system on the other part. Some of the initiatives like setting up of a modern Police Control Room; compounding branch of traffic wing; launching of Jalandhar traffic police website; establishing arms licensing branch, special police stations-NRI & women; ISO Certification of arms licensing branch, compounding branch of traffic wing & all police stations in Police Commissionerate Jalandhar; introduction of e-challaning, e-beat tracking system, e-investigation; separation of law & order and investigation wing in police stations; constitution of special investigation units etc. have been aimed in this direction only and have helped in achieving the main goals of Commissionerate Police.

Jai Hind

Sh. Swapan Sharma, IPS
Commissioner of Police Jalandhar


Police Commissionerate Jalandhar,
Always at Your Service!

The main focus of commissionerate police has been on prevention and detection of crime; maintenance of law & order; better road safety for users through enforcement, regulation and education;and providing citizen-friendly services.

A magic eye and a door chain are a must for your door. Use them before opening the door to any stranger.Put extra grills on your doors and windows, use extra strong locks and always inform your neighbours before going out.

• Be aware of your surroundings.

• Make eye contact.

• Trust your instincts.

• Store unattended valuables.

• Never pull over.

• Scan the area.

Never release a child to anyone without knowledge of Parents. · If a parent phones to ask for early release of a child, confirm the caller’s identity. Call the parents back at their home number listed in the schools records. If the call is being made away from home, determine authenticity by questioning the caller on details of the child. 

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